Our Mission

We wanted to use our collective knowledge in fibre sourcing and manufacturing to develop something highly unique.

Our burning desire and subsequent challenge was to emulate the legendary and almost mythical ‘ring shawl’ the Shatoosh but in ethically sourced cashmere

The Tibetan Antelope or "Chiru"
The Tibetan Antelope or “Chiru”

The fibre for the Shatoosh comes from the Tibetan antelope (Chiru), which is so fine so that you can pass a hand woven shawl through the eye of a wedding ring.

This quality is so rare and consequently so expensive that only a very few people have benefited from this in the past as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species has long since banned its use commercially.

Cashmere although extremely soft and luxurious has certain physical characterisations.

These govern and limit its process capabilities and therefore the levels of fineness that can be obtained from this majestic fibre.

Pashmina has now become a generic term for any lightweight shawl and in some cases is made from synthetic material and not as it was originally intended, hand woven by the artisans of Kashmir.