Why Fein 1939 Cashmere?

cashmere-ladies-shawls-w-fein1939Technical Breakthrough

Our aspirations were to match the Shatoosh quality in superfine cashmere and after years of research we have achieved this.

This is ground breaking technology and the results have truly excited and amazed us.

Signature Products

We have an exciting collection of scarves and shawls for men and women creatively designed and featuring the very latest trends in colour and style.

We also have in our collection our unique and unparalleled superfine cashmere shawls and large scarves for women and men made exclusively for us from this breakthrough process.

Our Unique Selling Position

Our USP is quite simply that we are the only company worldwide that has control over its product from raw material purchase to point of sale enabling us to ensure that our product is ethically sourced.

Our corporate responsibility is of prime importance to us and behind every decision that we make is our ethical and moral conscience.