We have been relentless in our quest to locate and identify the finest cashmere available.

We were in the vanguard in China, several decades ago. We were the pioneers in Mongolia in the early nineties and now in Afghanistan.

This indominitable spirit allowed us to establish our network for collection long before any of our competitors came to the market.

We know which regions to procure the best qualities from and have gained the trust and confidence of the herding community in each of the aforementioned countries.

Our strength is that we are first and foremost fibre experts, perfectionists in our field and this differs in every regard from our competitors.

The company was originally founded in London on 13 May 1939 by Wilhelm Fein, producing rabbit hair for the hat felting industry.

Eventually Wilhelm’s son, Herbert, moved the operation to Milnsbridge, Yorkshire in the 1960’s and shortly after expanded into cashmere dehairing, necessitating extra space, and the company was moved to Dean House, Netherthong in the late 1960’s.

Queens Award for Export
David Mallin and David Lee receiving the Queens Award for Export in 1995

Further success led to another re-location in 1972 to Lower Mills, Holmfirth, in the heart of the ’Summer Wine’ country, where the business remained until 1993.

During the 70’s and 80’s W Fein & Sons Ltd became one of the world’s foremost dehairers, combers and merchants of cashmere, camelhair, angora and silk.

In 1987 Herbert Fein retired and sold the business to Elders International Wool of Australia.

In 1991 the business was bought by the H S Wood Group and successfully run by directors David Mallin and David Lee resulting in a further sale of the business to Amicale Industries of America in 1994 and winning the prestigious ‘Queen’s Award for Export’ in 1995.

For efficiency and logistical reasons the business moved to Park View Mills in Bradford during 1993 where it remains to this day.

David Mallin and David Lee subsequently left to form their own company, Cashmere Fibres International Ltd., in 1999 and bought back the company in 2004.

Ronnie Lamb
Ronnie Lamb

Ronnie Lamb
Sales Director

Team member description

It was during the Amicale era that the third member of the Fein 1939 Cashmere team Ronnie Lamb, ex-Crombie Managing Director, was brought over from the States to succeed both David Lee and David Mallin in running both the W.Fein operation and the Mongolamicale joint venture factory in Mongolia.

For decades W Fein & Sons has been buying the best raw material from all origins worldwide, either processing at origin or in their Bradford factory, to supply the best quality cashmere and other speciality fibres to discerning manufacturers worldwide.

As part of our quality sourcing operation we now have the opportunity to supply quality garments sourced from the finest cashmere manufacturers worldwide.